About us

The inspiration for Roasted King Snacks came from our founder Anuj Ganeriwal’s childhood memories of healthy, delicious food made on the streets of Jaipur. Most afternoons after school, he would buy a little paper cone of roasted chana jor and bhelpuri from a street vendor to nibble on the school bus home.

Fast-forward to present times: Anuj spent many years of his career building natural food brands, and in the process, became passionate about clean nutrition and making healthy food taste amazing. When he made the connection between the amazing protein and fibre benefits of grains and pulses the growing demand for salty, crunchy, roasted snacks… well, the rest, as they say, is roasted.

“Our goal is to provide better, healthier snacks for everybody. We want to make grains and pulses -based nutrition as accessible, delicious, and affordable as possible. In the process, we want to do everything we can do to support, responsible for our cultural society.

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